Send a message to the Ontario government: better protection for auto accident victims is needed

It’s time to stand up for injured auto accident victims in Ontario.

We’ve all heard those catchy jingles by personal injury law firms appealing to auto accident victims. In many cases, predatory legal practices, including excessively high contingency fees (a sum of money awarded to a lawyer if they win a case), are often used at the expense of the victim.

In some cases, lawyers take between 25% - 40% of an accident victim’s settlement. You may have seen Toronto Star coverage explaining how lawyers that work on contingency fees for accident victims have been taking more money from clients than the law allows. The majority of auto accident victims avoid paying “up front” legal fees and then are shocked when significant portions of their treatment and recovery settlements are directed to their lawyers. Often this amount does not reflect the hours spent or the complexity of the case – as a result, many claimants report they feel victimized by their experience.

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If you think this is unfair, then voice your concern.

This issue is politically contentious, but one Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), Mike Colle, has taken leadership and introduced a private member’s bill. If passed, this bill would cap contingency fees at 15% and provide more transparency and protection for auto accident victims.

Click on the link below to access a letter in support of MPP Colle’s bill that you can personalize and send to your local MPP, or the Minister responsible for the conduct of lawyers, Hon. Yasir Naqvi (Attorney General).



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Please take the time to share your thoughts and help to affect positive change for injured victims.

Thank you for your support!

The Aviva Canada Team