The right coverage to drive your business further

If you own an automotive business such as a dealership, repair shop, car wash, garage or gas bar, you can get the insurance protection you need from Aviva, customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Protect your business from the devastating effects of accidents, property damage or legal action. Enjoy peace of mind with commercial property or liability insurance from Aviva and be prepared for the unexpected with:

  • Property insurance: to protect your physical assets such as building, stock, equipment and computers, including equipment removed from your premises (e.g. at a client’s business, temporarily in transit). It includes standard coverage for loss due to fire, theft or vandalism and covers the cost to rebuild or repair business property.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: to protect your business if you’re found legally liable for injuries or property damage caused by your employees, completed work or accidents on your premises involving visitors or customers, or at your customer’s location.

Property & liability insurance

As an automotive business owner, you probably have company vehicles that require insurance coverage. Commercial auto insurance from Aviva gives you the protection you need to protect a single vehicle or a corporate fleet.


Commercial auto insurance

Your business can be seriously affected if equipment breaks down. Not only could you be facing expensive repairs, but you also lose money every day it’s not working. With equipment breakdown coverage from Aviva, you can protect your vital equipment – and your business.

With coverage for electrical apparatuses, pressure vessels, heating and air conditioning systems and your computer systems, equipment breakdown coverage is available as part of a package or on its own.


Equipment breakdown insurance

If your business services or repairs other people's vehicles, you have liability exposure.

If you own a repair garage, body shop, specialty shop, service station, gas bar, car wash, towing business or other similar business, you can get the right coverage to protect your buildings, stock, equipment, customer vehicles, business income and more.

Ask your broker about the additional options and enhancements available.

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