Open your doors to complete protection

No matter what kind of retail business you’re in – from clothing to electronics, bakeries to building materials – you need protection for the unique risks of your business. Aviva offers specialized coverage created for retailers just like you, so your assets will be protected and you can focus on your business.

Speak to your broker to learn more about how retail insurance can protect your business.

Protect your business from the devastating effects of accidents, property damage or legal action. Enjoy peace of mind with commercial property or liability insurance from Aviva and be prepared for the unexpected with:

  • Property insurance: to protect your business from physical assets such as building, stock, equipment and computers, including equipment removed from your premises (e.g. at a client’s business, temporarily in transit). It includes standard coverage for loss due to fire, theft or vandalism and covers the cost to rebuild or repair business property.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: to protect your business if you’re found legally liable for injuries or property damage caused by your employees, completed work or accidents on your premises involving visitors or customers, or at your customer’s location.


Property & liability insurance

From moving stock to delivering orders, you rely on your vehicles to keep your business moving. Make sure they’re protected with commercial auto insurance from Aviva. Whether you have a single vehicle or an entire delivery fleet, you can customize the right coverage for your business.

Commercial auto insurance

Don’t let equipment breakdown affect your business, protect it with equipment breakdown coverage from Aviva. This valuable coverage is available as part of a package or on its own and can protect you in cases of:

  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Electrical arcing
  • Rupture and cracking
  • And much more

Learn more about equipment breakdown insurance by speaking to your broker today.

Equipment breakdown insurance

No matter what type of retail business you own, you can protect it with insurance based on your specific needs.  When you have retail insurance from Aviva, you have coverage for:

  • Your building and its contents
  • Your goods while they’re in transit
  • Stock spoilage
  • Loss of business income, including off-premises power interruption
  • Crime


To learn more about retail insurance, talk to your broker today.

Some retailers have more complex risks than others, for example, you may own stores or property located in the U.S.  If so, you may require complex or special risk insurance to handle your specific needs. Aviva can help thanks to a dedicated group of underwriting and risk management professionals.

Not sure if you need a complex risk solution? If your business meets any of criteria below, speak to your broker about our complex risk solutions:

  • Your business makes more than $100 million in revenue and at least 25% of this revenue is generated by U.S. sales
  • You own a Canadian company and you own physical property in the U.S. that requires property insurance
  • You need to provide security, such as a letter of credit, to cover a large deductible


Complex risks

Privacy breaches can impact retail businesses of all sizes. If your sensitive, protected or confidential data is intentionally or unintentionally released, lost or exposed, you may have to spend significant time and money resolving the situation and restoring your credibility and reputation.

Consider what you would do in the event of a privacy breach impacting:

  • Credit card data: Credit card information is governed by the industry’s strict data security standards which must be followed by all organizations handling major cards. If your retail operation is identified as being responsible for multiple instances of credit card fraud, the branded credit card companies will impose large fines on your operation and it may impact your ability to process future credit card transactions.
  • Sensitive business and customer data: There’s a risk that employees could misuse, steal, or practice poor behavior (e.g. carelessness) when it comes to the protection of data. Any data retained to transact your daily business – such as customer credit card information – is vulnerable to being hacked and stolen by outsiders.

If a privacy breach were to impact your business today, are you confident you have the coverage you need to pay for the response expenses and support services necessary to help you restore your customers’ trust and the reputation of your business?

Make sure you’re protected. Ask your broker about adding Aviva’s Privacy Breach coverage to complement your Commercial General Liability policy.