Comprehensive insurance for manufacturers and wholesalers

Protect your business with specialized coverage created for the needs of manufacturing or wholesaling companies like yours. Whether you manufacture goods, process food or wholesale products like plumbing supplies, fruit and vegetables or clothing, enjoy peace of mind knowing you have insurance coverage that lets you focus on your business.

You can rely on Aviva to deliver the wholesaling and manufacturing insurance coverage you need. Working with your broker, we’ll customize the right insurance for your business. From a full package with optional enhancements to only select coverage, you get what you need to protect your business – along with the confidence knowing you’re backed by Aviva.

Contact your broker today to find out more about Aviva’s manufacturing and wholesaler insurance solutions.

Created exclusively for the manufacturing industry, get all-in-one protection with Prime Manufacturing from Aviva.

  • In addition to what’s offered in our standard policies, this specialized package includes higher limits as well as unique protection that covers:
  • Your business assets: broad form coverage for your buildings and contents, including computers, software and more, with specialized coverage available for brands and labels, moulds, dies and patterns in custody of others, infestation, reefer breakdown and stock spoilage
  • Business income loss: extra protection for your business income is provided until your business returns to normal in the event of an insured loss, certain business-related fees and fines, off-premise utilities, contingent business interruption for your suppliers, manufacturers’ product impairment and more
  • Enhanced coverage: add even more protection like coverage for your goods while in transit, warehouseman’s legal liability, contractors equipment including tools coverage off premises, installation coverage rigging and moving and more
  • Crime protection: in addition to comprehensive protection for your property against theft, vandalism and other crimes, your money and securities are protected against employee dishonesty, computer theft, funds transfer and more
  • General liability coverage: you’re covered for product recall expenses, failure to manufacture to specifications, manufacturer’s errors and omissions and more. You can even purchase additional coverage like group accident coverage, liability against non-owned automobiles and others.


To learn more about Prime Manufacturing, download the brochure and the features and benefits sheet or talk to your broker today.

Prime Manufacturing

Get customized protection for your wholesale business with specialized insurance from Aviva. Created for wholesale companies like yours, you get all-in-one coverage that saves the hassle of having multiple policies. Coverage includes:

  • Blanket property coverage
  • Pollution clean-up on your premises, functional replacement cost for building and equipment
  • Warehouseman’s legal liability coverage to protect property of others held by you under a warehouseman’s receipt (provides additional protection for newly acquired locations and unspecified locations you use to store your clients property), unpaid storage charges and defence costs in the event of lawsuits or claims.
  • Lost or reduced income protection until your business returns to normal (includes extra protection for your business income in the event of an insured loss, certain business-related fees and fines, off premises utilities, contingent business interruption for your suppliers, restricted access negative publicity and more).
  • Coverage for stock spoilage, stock contamination, infestation
  • Protection for your customers’ goods in transit, as well as temporary terminal location and freight
  • Equipment breakdown insurance that covers refrigerators, freezers and more


To learn more about wholesaler insurance, contact your broker today.


Some manufacturers have higher risks than others, for example, you may be an auto parts manufacturer or a manufacturer who does a lot of business in the US. If so, you may require complex or special risk insurance to handle your specific needs. Aviva can help thanks to a dedicated group of underwriting and risk management professionals.

Not sure if you need a complex risk solution? If your business meets any of the criteria, ask your broker to contact us:

  • Your business makes more than $100 million in revenue and at least 25% of this revenue is generated by US sales
  • You own a Canadian company and you own physical property in the US that requires property insurance
  • You need to provide security, such as a letter of credit, to cover a large deductible

As a manufacturing or wholesaling company, you want to protect your business from the devastating effects of accidents, property damage or legal liability. Get peace of mind for your business with commercial property or liability insurance from Aviva. Be prepared for the unexpected with:

  • Property insurance: to protect physical assets such as your building, stock, equipment, computers. As well, it protects property and equipment removed from your premises and located at a client’s business, an exhibition, temporarily in transit or with your sales staff. It includes standard coverage for loss due to fire, theft or vandalism and covers the cost to rebuild or repair business property and much more.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: to protect your business if you’re found legally liable for injuries or property damage caused by your product, completed work or accidents on your premises involving visitors or customers, or at your customer’s location.

Available as part of a package or on its own, you and your broker can customize your policy so get exactly the coverage you need.

Property & liability

Equipment breakdowns can be costly if your business success relies on keeping production moving. Protect your business with equipment breakdown insurance which includes coverage for:

  • Electrical arching
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Rupture and cracking


We can also provide coverage for your production machinery and mobile equipment, at your request.

Equipment breakdown coverage can be built right into your insurance policy, or you can purchase this valuable coverage on its own.

Equipment breakdown insurance

Give your clients the assurance they need with a contract surety bond from Aviva. This bond guarantees your commitment that a product will be manufactured and/or delivered on time, so you and your clients can be confident the job will be done right.

Privacy breaches can impact businesses of all sizes. If your operation’s sensitive, protected or confidential data is intentionally or unintentionally released, lost or exposed, you may have to spend significant time and money resolving the situation and restoring your credibility and reputation.

Consider what you would do in the event of a privacy breach impacting:

  • Employee information: Sensitive or personal data including background checks, credit related information and employee records, current or past employees and staffing companies.
  • Partner/Vendor firm information: Manufacturing operations often use third party vendors for staffing, payroll, HR benefits, IT infrastructure and these vendors have access to personal and company information. If your vendor partner has a breach, your operation is responsible for notifying the individuals impacted, since the information was in your care and your company provided it to the third party.

If a privacy breach were to impact your business today, are you confident you have the coverage you need to pay for the response expenses and support services necessary to help you restore your customers’ trust and your business reputation?

Make sure you’re protected. Ask your broker about adding Aviva’s Privacy Breach coverage to complement your Commercial General Liability policy.