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We can help you stay on the road and keep your business moving.

As one of Canada’s largest commercial auto insurance providers, we understand just how vital vehicles are to your business. Whether you have a single utility van, an entire fleet of delivery trucks or a garage operation, you need the right protection with a commercial auto insurance solution based on your unique needs.

Many ways to save

Get the best value for your business. Ask your insurance broker about discounts that can save you and your company money, like:

  • Having more than one business policy with us
  • Being claims-free
  • Implementing risk management practices


Get your basic auto coverage and consult with your insurance broker to choose the right amount of liability coverage in case you accidently hurt someone or damage their property. Accident benefits are available in all provinces, with additional amounts available in Ontario, to provide health care for you and your employees in case of an accident. Coverage to protect you from fire, theft, glass damage and collision with another vehicle if you are at fault and other events is also available.

Auto insurance coverage

Get even more out of your auto insurance coverage by adding:

  • Replacement vehicle coverage
  • Physical damage coverage on rented or borrowed vehicles
  • Reimbursement of the full insured value if your new vehicle is written off
  • Protection against increased premiums if there’s an accident – even if you’re at fault

If your busines requires fleet coverage, you’ve come to the right place. Our programs cater to a variety of industries including trucking, manufacturing, energy, realty, construction and many more.

Industry-based fleet insurance coverag

If your business services or repairs other people’s vehicles, you have liability exposure.

If you own a repair garage, body shop, specialty shop, service station, gas bar, car wash, towing business or other similar business, you can get the right coverage to protect your buildings, stock, equipment, customer vehicles and more.

Ask your broker about the additional options and enhancements available.

Automotive insurance

You may need a customs or excise bond if your business involves import, export, manufacturing, sales or distribution of goods in Canada. The bonds ensure:

  • Pay federal duties or taxes
  • Compliance with applicable tax acts and requirements related to your business

Canada Customs bonds: You may need a Canada Customs bond if your business needs to provide financial security to the Canada Border Service Agency or Canada Revenue Agency before you import, export or move commercial goods through Canada. This bond ensures that you meet the requirements of the act or regulation governing the customs activity you are carrying out.

Excise bonds: You’ll need an excise bond if your business requires a spirits or tobacco license. Alternatively, you may have a need to replace your existing security with a bond.

Customs and excise bonds

Complex risks including transportation of goods

Whether you are a common or contract carrier or a carrier of your own goods, you will require specialized insurance to meet your needs. Aviva offers insurance to firms that transport goods within Canada or to the US, and we have a dedicated group of underwriting and risk management professionals in our Complex Risk unit to help ensure the right coverage is in place.

Not sure if you need a complex risk solution? If your business meets any of the criteria below, speak to your broker about our complex risk solutions:

  • Your business makes more than $100 million in revenue and at least 25% of this revenue is generated by U.S. sales
  • If you own a Canadian company and you own physical property in the U.S. that requires property insurance
  • If you need to provide security, like a letter of credit, to cover a large deductible


Complex risks

Your business can access specialized service and superior support through our exclusive Premiere Network of preferred vendors. Use our Premiere Auto Network and we’ll guarantee your auto repairs for as long as your business owns the vehicle. Terms and conditions apply, speak to your broker for details.