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If you’re a member of a group that partners with Aviva’s* group insurance, great coverage is at your fingertips. For more than 50 years, we’ve been a leading provider of group insurance in Canada, and we work with some of the most prestigious organizations in the country.

From home and auto insurance, to coverage for your cottage, motorcycle, classic cars and more, group insurance members can enjoy preferred rates and a wide range of valuable benefits.

Need to know whether you’re in an eligible group? Contact your organization to find out. If you’re looking for group insurance for your organization, use our simple tool to locate a brokerage near you.

It’s easy to get the auto insurance coverage you need with a full range of protection options. Plus, you benefit from preferred rates offered to our group insurance customers.

Protect your home and its contents with customizable insurance packages from Aviva. Our expert broker partners will help you build the right home insurance coverage, at preferred rates.

Home insurance Canada

You can be confident that our claims professionals understand your needs and have the expertise to respond to group insurance claims quickly, so you can get back to the more enjoyable things in life.

Our industry-leading promise guarantees that if you’re not happy with our claims service and we can’t resolve it, we’ll give you a cheque for the amount of your current premium. That’s right, all of it.

With Aviva Auto Assist, you get complimentary access to a reliable network of auto experts to help make vehicle ownership easier. If your vehicle needs repairs that aren’t claims-related, we’ll refer you to one of our preferred repair shops, backed by a $1,000 workmanship guarantee. We can even book the appointment for you! Need to get your vehicle appraised or to find out its Black Book value? A simple call, email or text will connect you with a licensed appraiser. Our specialists can also give you safety tips including vehicle recall notices, travel advisories, and car seat installation and care information over the phone. All these services are exclusive to group auto insurance customers like you.   

When you need to make a claim, getting your life back on track as quickly as possible is a priority. Our Premiere insurance claims network of repair professionals includes certified auto repair shops, contractors and restoration experts who are guaranteed to get the job done right for you.†

Repairs done right - guaranteed

† Speak to your broker for more details regarding program terms and conditions.

You can enjoy even more benefits from your group home insurance policy through our Halo Assistance Program. This exclusive, complimentary program gives you convenient telephone access to qualified lawyers, health professionals, real estate experts and more, who will provide you with professional advice free of charge. That’s right, every call is free, and never affects your policy or claims rating.

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*Aviva’s group insurance program is underwritten by Traders General Insurance Company.