Tue, 2017-12-12 11:30

Home Emergency Kit


Home Emergency Kit

You may think that floods, wildfires and severe storms aren’t likely to happen to your home. But in Canada, we are faced with an increasing number of natural dangers that could threaten your safety.

Preparing an emergency kit could help you deal with the unexpected.

Aside from the basics that should be in your emergency kit, some of the less obvious items that people may forget are:

  • extra batteries,
  • a manual can opener,
  • prescription medicine,
  • a multipurpose tool,
  • family and emergency contact information,
  • copies of insurance policies,
  • extra cash and
  • an extra set of car and house keys.

Make sure your supplies will last at least 3 days without power.

If you have children, pets or seniors in your home, include items specific for their needs as well.

You may never have to use your emergency kit, but having one will give you peace of mind and help prepare you for the unexpected.

Don’t delay. Pack your emergency kit for your home today!