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With Aviva's commercial accident insurance, you'll get:

 Flexible benefits You’ll enjoy customizable 24-hour and participant/occupational accident coverage that can be tailored to your unique needs
 Simple Easy to understand policy wordings
 Fast Quick policy issuance and a seamless claims process


Choose the right coverage

Enjoy standard features or customize a policy from optional coverages

Standard Coverage

Our standard Commercial Accident policy covers the needs of a wide variety of customers.

  Standard 24-hour coverage Participant/Occupational accident coverage
AD&D Loss schedule
A percentage of the principal sum is paid to the Insured if they suffer from a covered injury or loss of life due to an accident. Some examples of covered injuries include loss of limbs, loss of sight or hearing or paralysis.
Reimbursement for counselling services for the spouse and dependent children to attend grief counselling sessions after an Insured has passed away due to a covered accident.
Family transportation
Reimbursement for transportation of an immediate family member to attend to the Insured after injury.
Reimbursement of expenses for special training which would qualify the Insured to engage in an occupation they would not have had if the accident did not occur.
Emergency Transportation
Reimbursement for transportation, other than a licensed ambulance, to the nearest hospital or doctor's office.
Funeral Benefit
Reimbursement for expenses related to the cremation, funeral or burial of the insured after an accident.
Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification
Reimbursement for expenses incurred to make physical changes to the Insured Person's normal place of residence. Such as changes to make the home wheelchair accessible and habitable or to modify a vehicle to allow it to become accessible and operable for the Insured.
Reimbursement for the cost to transport the deceased body of the Insured Person to their municipality of residence within Canada. Includes the cost of embalming and a coffin.
In-Hospital Confinement
A percent of the principal sum is paid to the Insured for each full month they are confined to a Hospital as an in-patient due to a covered accident.
Cosmetic Surgery
Reimbursement for third degree burn reconstructive surgery.
Facial Disfigurement
Reimbursement to repair facial disfigurement with visible scar.
Dental Expense
Reimbursement for expenses incurred to treat, repair or rebuild teeth damaged in the covered accident. Reimbursement for denture or removable teeth replacement is also available.
Medical Expense
Reimbursement for expenses such as emergency transportation, rental of a wheelchair, prescription drugs, nurse attendant, braces, crutches or splints.
Permanent Total Disability
Compensation paid to the Insured Person for total paralysis of two or more limbs or other total disability that prevents them from engaging in any paid work for which they are qualified by education, experience or training.

Accidental death and dismemberment

Optional additional coverages

Need enhanced coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons:

Family Benefit

Additional compensation paid for each surviving dependent if the Insured Person suffers from Loss of Life.

Weekly Accident Indemnity

A flat benefit will be paid weekly if an insured person is totally and continuously disabled, preventing them from performing any and every duty pertaining to their occupation or employment.

Post-secondary Education Benefit

Post-secondary education expenses will be paid for dependents enrolled in school when an accident involving an insured person results in loss of life.

Day Care Benefit

Daycare expenses will be paid for up to four years for children under age 12 due to loss of life of an insured person.

Seat Belt Benefit

Additional compensation paid to the Insured Person if are injured in a covered accident while driving or riding in a vehicle and wearing a properly fastened seat belt.

Fracture - loss schedule

A percentage of the principal sum will be paid to an insured person suffering from a fracture, dislocation or severed tendon.

Identification Benefit

Travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for an immediate family member to identify an insured person’s body if requested by police.

Spouse & Dependents

Additional compensation will be paid to an insured person when their spouse and/or dependents die while accompanying them on an insured journey.

Psychological Therapy

Counselling expenses will be paid after an insured person suffers from a covered injury.

Spousal Occupational Training

Reimbursement paid towards formal occupational training for the spouse of the Insured Person to gain employment should the Insured Person suffer loss of life in an accident

Contact and Eyeglass Expense

Reimbursement for the expense to replace eyeglasses or contact lenses damaged as a result of an accident.


Standalone policy

Commercial Accident can be written as a standalone policy or as a complement to another Aviva policy

Frequently asked questions

Your organization needs a commercial accident policy to provide financial support to meet the immediate needs of your members, participants and employees for medical and other out-of-pocket expenses in the event they are involved in accidents causing death or bodily injury.

The policy provides compensation for things like loss of limbs, sight, hearing and total paralysis. A lump sum payment is provided when an insured accident results in death, paralysis or permanent disability. Ask your broker to learn about all of the benefits of Aviva’s commercial accident policy.

If a third party suffers injury on your organization's property, it may become involved in potentially time-consuming and expensive legal proceedings. Because our commercial accident policy offers immediate payment if third parties die or are injured while visiting your property or while working or participating at your events, such risks are potentially avoided.

Commercial accident coverage provides an added layer of protection to your organization's commercial general liability policy, by providing immediate payment in the event of a claim. This may help prevent time-consuming and expensive legal proceedings often associated with a claim under your general liability policy following injury to a third party on your organization's property.

Participants, coaches and managers involved in either recreational or competitive sports run by an association may suffer injuries while working at or playing in a practice or game. Commercial accident coverage provides immediate payment to these individuals in the unfortunate event that they suffer an injury or loss or require medical attention in such situations.

Aviva's commercial accident policy pays lump sum benefits for death, permanent total disability and paralysis. Additional reimbursement benefits can be included such as rehabilitation, repatriation, medical, dental, bereavement, psychological therapy, emergency transportation, daycare, education and spousal retraining expenses.

Aviva's standard commercial accident policy covers the needs of a wide variety of organizations. Additional benefits are available to tailor the coverage as needed. Ask your broker to learn about all of the benefits available under Aviva's commercial accident policy.

It's difficult for an organization to plan for and manage the risk of accidental injury to invited and uninvited persons on their premises. Our commercial accident policy, which provides coverage in such situations, was designed with this in mind and offers reimbursement of expenses for fractures, rehabilitation, emergency transportation, prescription drugs, physiotherapy, chiropractic, as well as medical devices such as crutches, splints or wheelchair rentals.