Get custom coverage to support your bid
The Canadian federal government has awarded major contracts for large-scale shipbuilding projects. If your business is involved in a federal shipbuilding project, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that coverage is already available that meets your insurance requirements? 

Aviva is proud to be among the first to offer custom coverage that meets the specific needs of businesses contributing to Canadian government shipbuilding projects.

Protection specific to this project
This enhanced coverage is designed to provide project-specific protection to contractors, manufacturers and suppliers from across Canada who are taking part in federal shipbuilding projects.

Is this coverage for you?
The Shipbuilding Subcontractor and Supplier Protection Package is suitable for these types of businesses that support the Canadian federal shipbuilding initiative:

  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers 

Contact your broker today to learn more about the Shipbuilding Subcontractor and Supplier Protection Package. 

When it’s full steam ahead on your bid, you’ll be ready with this complete solution. 

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