Personal insurance designed to protect your lifestyle

You’ve worked hard to enjoy the finer things in life. Protect your achievements with coverage exclusively designed for high value homes, vehicles and other valuable assets. Ovation® from Aviva is crafted to meet your distinct needs and offers best-in-class protection for the unique risks that come with having more. Enjoy exceptional value and customized coverage that protects the things you value most.

Ovation is an exclusive personal insurance program that's only available through our brokers. To get a quote or to learn more, contact an Aviva broker.

Claims service that puts you first

Your time is valuable. With Ovation, you get concierge claims service that goes above and beyond regular standards of service and convenience. Our dedicated claims care experts work around your schedule to resolve your claim fast and without hassle. Our exceptional level of service – and superior coverage – ensures you’ll get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee

This industry-leading promise guarantees that if you’re not happy with our claims services, and we can’t resolve it, we’ll give you a cheque for the amount of your premium at time of loss.

Exceptional service that rewards your achievements

Whether you drive a family SUV or a luxury sports car, give your vehicle the protection it deserves – all backed by dedicated support that will handle the details for you if you need to make a claim. Your enhanced car insurance coverage includes:

  • Your choice of repair shop or alternatively, we can provide you with a recommendation
  • A courtesy vehicle that reflects the level of luxury you’re accustomed to while your car is being repaired
  • Optional coverage for new vehicles that can provide you with a brand-new model of your car in the case of a total loss
  • Optional coverage that protects your driving record should you have an accident – even if you’re at-fault
  • Courtesy valet service that brings your replacement vehicle right to your door for ultimate convenience


Auto insurance for high value vehicles

Your home is more than an asset. It’s a showcase of your memories, interests and successes. Protect it with home insurance that’s custom designed to protect your distinct lifestyle.

From the inconvenience and distress of water damage and sewer backup, to insurance for valuables like jewellery, artwork and wine, Ovation has specialized options to keep you covered.

Property insurance for high value homes

You work hard and deserve specialized coverage for your passions. With leisure and lifestyle insurance, you get the coverage you need for your prized possessions including antique and collector cars, motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats and more.

Find the expertise you need with Ovation. Learn more.

Leisure and lifestyle insurance

From your beautiful home to your other valuable assets, your achievements allow you to enjoy all that life has to offer... it also makes you and your family vulnerable to lawsuits and other financial risks.

Ovation’s Personal Umbrella insurance policy can help give you the protection you need when you have more to lose. Add this additional coverage to your existing Ovation home insurance policy and enjoy protection that goes over and above your existing coverage, including an extra layer of liability protection according to your needs. And because wealth can make you more susceptible to lawsuits, you can protect your valuable reputation with enhancements like coverage for public relations consultations and legal defense costs.

Personal Umbrella insurance

Your time is valuable. When you have a claim, you need fast, hassle-free service that caters to your distinct lifestyle and schedule.

With Ovation, you benefit from our exclusive concierge claims service. You get dedicated Claims Care Experts on-hand, 24-hours a day, ready to assist you with your claim down to the smallest detail. Plus, your claim will be resolved quickly by specialists with expert knowledge and experience in high value items and luxury assets.

Claims service that puts you first

Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee

*Terms and conditions apply. For more details, please see our claims page.