Wed, 2017-11-01 15:41

InsurTech Series: Connected Home


InsurTech Series: Connected Home

Aviva Canada’s Digital Garage in downtown Toronto was bustling on September 19 as thought leaders and tech enthusiasts gathered for #InsurTechCanada’s third meet-up.

The evening’s event focused on the “Connected Home”-- showcasing smart home technologies that are having an impact on our economy and society. The highlight of the event included a chance to check out some of the latest gadgets for the home and learn first-hand how smart technology can improve our lifestyle, pocketbook, and living quarters.

Up-and-coming businesses presented their innovations including: ecobee’s smart wi-fi thermostats, Eyedro’s electricity monitoring system, Eddy Home’s water monitoring system, ubiqweus’s shareable smart sensor for seniors, AXIS’s Gear technology that motorizes your window shades from an app, and ALERTLABS’ leak and flood protection kit.

“We’re bringing cool technology to our customers,” Ryan Spinner, Digital & Innovation Lead at Aviva Canada said. “And we need to think about how these technologies can impact our customers and the insurance industry.”

“Tonight is about starting that conversation. The connected home space is a massive area of disruption and these technologies don’t only have the ability to disrupt our living rooms, but our entire business.”

Cutting-edge innovations are allowing data gathering insights into things like the way people consume energy and the impact it’s having on the environment. “What we are trying to do is change the way people do energy efficiency research,” keynote speaker Stuart Lombard, President and CEO of ecobee explained.

“In the connected world, the ability for us to see and understand real-time data is very exciting,” Ben Luckett, Managing Director of Aviva Ventures said.

The five-event series presented by OneEleven and Aviva Canada aims to focus on the disruption of a specific industry and the impact technology will have on the way we live.  

OneEleven and Aviva Canada are working together to provide startups with the right resources to support and develop their business ideas in the insurance space. In addition to the InsurTech Canada Event series, they will host a joint Hackathon late 2017.