Aviva Canada is a proud, founding member of CANATICS (Canadian National Insurance Crime Services). It’s a not-for-profit organization that formed in October 2013 with a mandate to identify potentially suspicious claims using data from across the industry.

Recently, CANATICS launched a powerful new tool that has the ability to detect potential cases of organized or premeditated fraud. It uses auto insurance data from its nine member companies – who collectively represent 75% of the auto insurance market share in Ontario. It pools and analyzes that information and alerts member companies if a pattern of fraud is suspected.

“This is a real step forward for our industry,” said Karin Ots, Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Government Relations. “The collaboration that took place across our industry, along with government and the regulator was unprecedented, and it’s going to yield some very powerful results.”

It’s important to note that the data CANATICS uses is pooled, not shared. Participating insurers do not have access to data inside the CANATICS tool, which safeguards the privacy of customer information.

To learn more about CANATICS or to see their press release, visit their web site at www.canatics.ca.