Auto Insurance

Find peace of mind with the right protection for you and your vehicle with Aviva’s auto insurance solutions.

Designed to provide you with the coverages you need at a reasonable price, you can also select additional features that enhance the quality of your protection.

Protecting you and your family
The physical and financial impact of an automobile accident can be devastating - that’s why all Canadian provinces and territories require drivers to have mandatory coverage like third party liability, uninsured auto coverage and accident benefits.

Choose optional coverage to enhance your protection - such as collision, comprehensive and increased accident benefits.

Speak to an insurance broker today to find out more.

Click here to print your Aviva Customer Care Card, a great way to keep your auto policy information handy and record accident details.  Keep it with your pink slip so it's there when you need it!

Setting the cost of auto insurance

The cost of your auto insurance is based on a number of factors including:

  • The coverage and deductible you choose
  • Type and model year of your vehicle(s)
  • Why you drive your vehicle - for personal, business or both
  • The amount you drive each year
  • The number of drivers in your household and their ages
  • The driving record of drivers in your household

Did you know? You can reduce the cost of your auto insurance by increasing your deductible.

 Saving money

Ask your insurance broker how you can save money with discounts for:

  • Good driving, such as being "Claims Free"
  • Your road profile, such as age, a hybrid vehicle or anti-theft devices
  • Loyalty and bundling, such as multi-vehicle, multi-line or renewal loyalty 

* The Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia provincial governments require residents to purchase automobile insurance directly from them.  However, optional coverage and add-ons may be available through Aviva.

Quick and convenient service is just a call away with Aviva’s Satellite Roadside Assistance Program. You can access this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in Canada or the continental United States.

Our helpful representatives are ready to take your call directly and will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Be it a tow, battery boost, or if you've accidently run out of gas - you’re covered for these emergencies and more for just pennies a day.

Additional services include:

  • advice on vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • directions if you’re lost
  • access to travel assistance - such as lodging and car rental discounts to trip interruption coverage
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