About Us

Welcome to Aviva.

There are some things you can plan for, and there are some things you can’t.  At Aviva, we are committed to delivering peace of mind by making sure you have the coverage you need should the unexpected happen.
Together with our broker partners, we take the time to listen and understand what matters most to you, then we create a plan that fits your unique situation. 
Whether it is your home, or your home on wheels, your first car or the family minivan, your cottage, your business, an antique boat, your beloved motorcycle, a cherished classic car, a powerboat, snowmobiles or ATV’s for the family, we have you covered. 
Around the world, for over 300 years, Aviva has been proudly delivering prosperity and peace of mind to customers like you. 
This is Aviva.  We are building insurance around you.